Retail Traffic Counters
In today's economy you might be thinking that you cannot afford to count people.  But in reality the question may be "how can you afford to not count people!"   Retail traffic (people) counters will help you determine your...

  • Sales Conversion Rate.  Are sales up because traffic is up, or because your sales people are more effective?

  • Most Effective Store Hours.  If you extend your store hours will you see an increase in overall traffic, or just shift the current buying patterns?

  • Optimal Staffing Rates.  Is your staffing to traffic ratio too high, too low, or just right?

  • Advertising Effectiveness.   Are more people visiting your stores?
The Benefits of We Count People Counters include:
  • Battery-operated counters that are easy to install and portable

  • New IR-Technology that is Easy to Align - Easy to Install - More Accurate

  • Hidden Reset Button Reduces Tampering and Protects the Data

  • Optional Wireless Transmission of Patron Count Data to a PC or Network

  • Inexpensive to Monitor Multiple Doors

  • You Own the Data

  • View Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Data, even without a PC
Stand Alone Traffic Counters
With a stand-alone people counter, you walk to the counter whenever you need the traffic count, write down the data, and reset to zero.  With these counters, there is no memory of hourly, daily, weekly or monthly counts. 

A We Count People stand-alone counter is one of the least expensive, most reliable, easiest to install, and easiest to use people counter on the market.

  • 20 foot and 30 foot measurement span options
  • Door Frame (side firing) and Wall Mount (front firing) options
  • Integrated Digital Display
  • Hidden Reset Button
  • Silent Operation
  • Small, Discrete 2 inch x 3 inch x 1 inch Installation Footprint
  • Upgradeable to Wireless Transmission to your PC

Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Data- At Your PC
A complete wireless retail traffic count system from We Count People adds many features and benefits:

  • It will no longer be necessary to walk to the people counters to retrieve the data.  Instead, the wireless counters are automatically transmitting their traffic count data back to the DataMaster receiver/server attached to your PC network.  The people count data is viewed at your PC in half-hour, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly formats.
  • Each DataMaster can receive traffic counts from up to sixteen wireless counters.  So it is now easy to track incoming traffic counts from mulitple entrances as well as traffic in Children's Areas, Discount Rooms, Coffee Shops, Restrooms, and other areas in the store.
  • IN/OUT Directional Counters are also available.
  • Magnetic Door Counters can be placed on Emergency Doors, Utility Closets, Cabinet Doors, etc. to track when they are opened.
  • Because the counters are battery-operated and wirelessly transmit their data to the network receiver, the system is easy to install without the time or expense to install power and data wires.
  • Because of the lightweight portability of the counter, an extra unit can be purchased to be moved among various positions in the store to capture traffic counts during special events.
  • If there is Internet connectivity at store locations, it is possible to view traffic count data via the Internet.
  • NO SPECIAL SOFTWARE is required.   View the people count data using standard web browser software, like Internet Explorer.
  • Export and save people count data as a comma-separated variable (CSV) file to be opened in Microsoft Excel and other software programs.
  • Supports Microsoft File Transfer Protocol (FTP) scripting.  Write your own script to bring data in your POS or other software packages.
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